Team flame Part one

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Team flame Part one Empty Team flame Part one

Post  GM. Blackflame on Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:27 pm

Blackflame is seen walking around backstage and he see's Ninja Doug working out backstage running through an obstical course.

Blackflame: Ninja! Just the man I was looking for!

Ninja stops and goes over

Ninja doug: What Do you want man..I need to prepare.

Blackflame: I need a team man..and NF Riot as co-captains would be a serious threat

Ninja doug: Eh..Why not It's not like there are any real compitition here...sure why not I'm in.

Blackflame: Great man!

Ninja and Blackflame shake and blackflame walks off as the camera fades
GM. Blackflame
GM. Blackflame

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