What a small world we live in?

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What a small world we live in? Empty What a small world we live in?

Post  da bash on Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:49 pm

A promo is playing on the big screen.

It's a cold, chilling midnight. Everyone who is walking pass the camara seem to be smoking. Everyone is wrapped in their warm coats and scarfs. Couples are huddled up together. The camara arrives at a night club about to be closed. A girl dressed in Neon blue mini skirt and a small top that would be considered inaapropriate by many people is standing infront of the night club talking to large men.

The camara gets closed to the girl. But the girl seems to be ignoring the camara and continue talking to the large men.

The camaraman: Gina We have to shoot that promo.

The girl looks at the camara.

Girl: So you want to feel DA BASH?

Camaraman says in a surprised tone.

Camaraman:What are you talking about gina? I'm supposed to film the promo with you that will appear on the new wrestling show you signed.

The Girl looks at the men she was talking to before. She takes off her heels and put on some trainers. She plays with her hair a bit while looking at a mirror.

Girl:You want a promo? Boys get him.

The men she was talking to put black leather gloves and grab knuckle busters from back of their pockets. As the camaraman dropes the camara everything is visible including the terrified face of the camaraman. Camaraman runs like a wilderbeast running away from a pack of hyhenas. He trips and fall down landing face first. The men kick him until he is unable to make a sound. The Girl grabs the camara that is lying on the floor.

Girl: Is that a good enough promo for you? now run little man. Run fast as you can. By the way my name is DA BASH.

The scene flickers and the big screen goes blank for a little while.

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