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Post  riot-ayame on Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:14 pm

Jessica Vegas
hi and welcome my guest at this time Styles Ayame!
the crowd boo him as the interview goes on

Jessica Vegas
: so you are new in R.W.E hows it goin atm?

SA: Im doing good but im not here to fit in i couldnt care less if anyone liked me or not
i am here to dominate and keep on dominating untill i get the gold

Jessica Vegas: ok... erm you and bash are a team right now but are you looking for tag gold or singles gold?

SA: it doesnt bother me i will dominate tag and singles division now ive got things to do so move out my way and stop wasting my time!

SA pushes Jessica Vagas out of his way and walks to his locker room

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