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Post  Taylor.J on Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:28 am

The camera show the door to Erin Vexton's office
The camera turns to show Taylor.J slowly walking down the hall
Taylor.J stops outside Vexton's office and knock's on the door three times

Erin Vexton:"WHO IS IT!? WHAT DO YOU WANT!?"

Taylor.J opens the door and enters the office
Erin Vexton is seen sitting behind his desk leaning back with a drink in his hand, he leans foward and places his glass next to a bottle of whisky

Erin Vexton:"Oh it's you, well that answers my first question, so whats the answer to the other?"

Taylor.J opens a cabinet in the corner of the office and pulls out a glass which he then places on the desk, he then picks up the bottle of whisky and pours it into the glass
Taylor.J sits down on the opposite side of the desk to Erin and takes a sip from the glass

Erin Vexton:"Are you going to tell me what you want or did you just come here to drink my booze!?"

Taylor.J:"I heard a rumer that your setting up some 'championship tournaments'..."

Erin Vexton:"And let me guess, you want me to put you in the tournament for the Riot Championship so you can win back the title from Ninja Doug, well why should i?"

Taylor.J takes another sip from the glass

Taylor.J:"I saw you driving into the arena this morning, your car's looking 'out of date'..."

Taylor.J reaches into his pocket and pulls out an evelope which he then throws onto the desk

Taylor.J:"...Why don't you buy yourself a new one?"

Erin Vexton picks up the envelope and looks inside

Erin Vexton:"Coincidentally there happens to be an open space in the tournament, you seen like the perfect person to fill it."

Taylor.J:"You read my mind Mr Vexton."

Taylor.J places the glass on the desk, get's up, and leaves

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