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Post  A.J White on Sat Jan 08, 2011 1:26 am

The camera shows A.J White backstage in his locker room. He is wrapping tape around his elbows, when he looks up at the camera. As usual A.J is in a good mood, but he is also alone, as usual.

A.J: Hello RWE universe. I will start by answering a commonly asked question. I do not like being interviewed, that is why I am hardly seen around other people. Now down to buisness.

A.J Stands, smile gone, and looks at the camera with a more serious look.

A.J: I have heard that there is a series of tournaments starting up. And I have decided that I want in on this too. So heck, Sign me up! Its about time that I left a mark in this company...

A.J Leaves the locker room with the camera following him. He walks up to an RWE sign, pulls out a marker, and draws A.J WHITE across it.

A.J: A mark twenty tmes more powerful then that one. I need to do something that people will remember me for.

The camera takes another look at the vandalized sign, but when A.J is shown again, he is holding a beer he didnt have five seconds ago. He quickly downs it, before finishing up.

A.J: Its about time A.J White became a champion! And if anyone wants to stand in my way... Just remember. When you mess with the bull, you get the horns!

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