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Name: Harry Scary
Real Japanese Name: ??? (To be revealed)
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 6'4
Weight: 248
Face/Heel: Face

Gimmick: Cheerful and positive, all about justice, situational wise but clumsy, lack of directional sense and an unknowing comedian.

Fighting Style: Martial Arts like Judo, Aikido, Taekwondo and Wushu.

Weapon Of Choice: Spear

Wrestling Attire: Sometimes in a Chinese Martial Arts Uniform and sometimes in a Judo Uniform called Judogi, always have a spear with him.

Background: Harry Scary is born to a very happy and blessed family. This accounts to why he is always happy and postive in life. He is all about justice and is a justice-loving man. He loves to help people in need, all in the name of justice. His willingness to help anyone in need has also earn himself praises and he is very popular back in his hometown.

At a young age, being influenced by his father who is crazy over Martial Arts and Japanese Wrestling, Harry Scary also started to watch Martial Arts like Judo, Taekwondo and Chinese Wushu and Japanese Wrestling. Moreover, Harry Scary's father who is a well known Judo Champion of his time, yearns for his son to be adept at Martial Arts as well. Harry Scary being highly interested, adheres to his father's wishes and proceeds to take up Judo, Aikido, Taekwondo and Wushu over the years. His father personally teaches him Judo. He himself would later go on to be a Judo Champion. Moreover, because of Wushu, he also developed a liking for spears and takes it to his wrestling matches as seen nowadays. He also loves Japanese Wrestling and supported Japanese Wrestling Greats like Kenta Kobashi, Giant Baba, etc. His favorite wrestler now is the Japanese Blown Up Rag Doll.

Harry Scary is said to be a genius since young. He has an IQ of around 180 and is able to learn things very fast. He is also very observant and able to judge situations and people's potential and their abilities very well. Being able to judge situations well also enable him to be able to escape any situations. He also loves to read The Art Of War and books on Stratagems so that he can constantly work on strategies to approach situations. He has also spent many years to master his secret hidden technique.

However, Harry Scary can be really dense and clumsy when he is not concentrating or paying attention. He also has a very poor directional sense as can be seen from his debut on the Japanese Wrestling Scene. He was 15 minutes late for his very first match, entering everywhere including the ladies' washroom except for the ring. He won his first match but not without controversy as he tripped over his own leg by accident and headbutted his opponent, causing both of them to be knocked out. But as Harry Scary was lying on top of his opponent, the referee went for the pinfall.

His third match was also a disaster as he gave a strangle hold to the referee thinking that it was a Triple Threat Match. But after a few weeks into Japanese Wrestling, he learned and understood the trades of the comany. He also found his way around though. He was finally able to put his talents and capabilities into good use.

After spending time in a company called ESW, where he absolutely made a comedian out of himself and gain fans' love because of it, however the company unfortunately closed down. Now Riot Wrestling Entertainment has started to recruit new wrestlers and cleaners as well. Harry Scary saw it as an interesting wrestling association and went to apply. Great for him, he was accepted. Not so great for him, his friend realized that he applied for the cleaners' job. He was absolutely shocked, but still went for the job anyway. Lucky for him, his friend from his previous company ESW called Blackflame, lead him in to tell the GM about Harry Scary and was duly recruited. Thank you very much Blackflame for helping Harry Scary out.

Ambitions: Not to make a fool or a joke out of himself in this company (Highly Unlikely), to entertain the crowd the best way possible (Comedy Antics In Short), To see that justice be served in the new company (Very Proud Of This), To make sure he has a map of the company (Make Sure He Is Not Lost), To prove to the commentators he is actually great and not always hear donkey or monkey names from them about him (Uh-Hmm, Take Note You Damn Rodrick Jackson from ESW)

Harry Scary

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