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Post  GM. Blackflame on Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:16 pm


Jack Shade- Shade is the heel commentator. He doesn't really care for the wrestlers in the ring and loves to make fun of his co-workers

Jack Cross-Cross is the face commentator. He is basicly the opposite of Shade and is usually the but of his jokes.

Jessica Vegas-Vegas is the in ring announcer and one of the backstage interviewers. she is face and is serious about her job

Joe dune-Dune is the other backstage interviewer. He is nutral and is lazy and slacks off

Steve "Nuclear" Cole- he is a former wrestler and the head of security

Erin Vexton- character GM of RWE: he's a complete heel so if he's acting nice he has an alterior motive. (he is to be used as the GM in RP's) Be Warned...he is not an easy person to tollerate
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