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Post  A.J White on Sun Nov 21, 2010 10:43 pm

Name: A.J White
Nickname: A.J
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6'2"
Weight: In lbs. 234
Theme music: "Still Fly" The Devil Wears Prada
Alignment: Face

Gimmick: The brutal in the ring, Funny out of it Texan. He Enjoys beer, and making people laugh but inside the ring he has one goal, To Destroy anyone in his path

Fighting style: BEAST, But still pretty fast

Wrestling attire: Very loose blue jeans, And Skate shoes

Appearance: Very loose blue jeans, And a cowboy hat. A.J Is VERY muscular/ He has Sandy blonde hair, About ear length. Though it is usually hidden by his cowboy hat. He is 6'2" And 234 pounds.

Background: A.J Grew up in Amarillo texas, Pulling a plow on a farm for his family that couldnt afford an animal to do so. This is where he built his strength. He worked in a casino as well, A very small casino/ One day he was spotted by a wrestling legend, Who taught him how to put his strength to good use. A.J then slowly moved up the ranks. Now signed with riot wrestling entertainment, A.J Looks to make that legend proud, And become the greatest of all time

Ambitions: To Make his trainer proud, To win The RIOT world title, And to send money back home to his poor families farm.

A.J White

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