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Name: Raul-The monster.

Age: 20.

Height:6 ft 11 in.

Weight:299 lb.

Birthplace: Toledo, Spain.

Attitude: Face.

History: Raúl is a fighter from birth. With 15 years are going to Mexico to train at the famous Mexican wrestling.

Monster, Skillet

Specials Match:
1.Ladder Match
2.Last man Standing Match

Style of Fight:

Attire:Take football pants green and red. In his right hand has a green glove and the other has a blindfold. Sneakers and white socks. And wearing a red half-mask that covers his camouflage the bottom of the face to the eyes. Knee also has two black and puts them R and M, by their initials. Also on the right arm carries a black ribbon with the letter E

Ambitions: Be the best wrestler and win all championships

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