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Post  riot-ayame on Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:02 pm

i am heel now wit the bash but dont know how to edit Razz


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SA bio :P New Begining Empty SA bio :P New Begining

Post  S/A on Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:01 pm

Wrestler Name: Styles Ayame

Crowd Reaction: BabyFace

Nickname:"The English Submission Machine"

Hometown: Bournemouth/England

Weight: 247 pounds

Height: 6,2

Story (how i ended up sighning for R.W.E)

It all started off at C.i.R when i sighned a contract with Jigolo Jay i was in
C.i.R for a while i was known as Starry Eyeez (heel) i was there for bout 3
months then i restarted as the ledgendary Styles Ayame only to find out i have a new contract with different fed called MACW Explosion my GM was Son Gohan--=
(who has now quit the game btw...) I was there for about a week then i heard the
news about gohan quitting so i had to get free breach and i was on free agency then
i met da bash we became friends on twg and as she was in last fed with me we made
a deal that we join same fed so da bash gave a good word for me to (GM)BlackFlame
and obviously he was impressed and i got a contract for the greatest fed ever R.W.E. This is the place for me and im sure i will shine...


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