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Post  Legend Riot on Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:47 pm

Name: Luke "legend" Riot
Alignment: face
Weight class: light middle weight (210 lbs)
Gender: Male
Fighting Style: High Flying submissionist
enterance: "Coming Undone" by Tantric

short Bio: Luke "Legend" Riot dropped out of school at 17 to join an underground fight club where he trained in submission holds and studied technique. after 3 years with the fight club he left to join KAR...Known and Refugee... where he stayed for half a season and left for no real reason. In the Time since he left KAR, he has been arrested twice for starting bar fights. At 21, he joined Maniac Championship wrestling, MCW, where he stayed for a season. He left MCW to try out a new style of fighting. Now he is here in RWE with his brother "The stunning Destroyer" who was with him at MCW. "The Stunning destroyer", is a straight up fighter.

Name: Jessie "Stunning destroyer" Riot
Alignment: heel
Weight class: Middle weight (243 lbs)
Gender: Male
Fighting Style: Brawler
enterance: Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi

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