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Post  A.J White on Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:52 pm

Before I start I would like to apologize for my absense. Studying, exams, and rowing have been taking up all my time. Now that Exams are over, I hope to be making a full return.

All of the lights in the Arena turn orange and brown. "Still Fly" By The Devil wears Prada booms through the arena as fireworks go off in every direction at the entrance ramp. Once they clear, A.J White is standing at the base of the ramp. When the crowd sees that he has the Maximum Security Championship draped over his shoulder, they erupt into cheers so loud that you can no longer hear the music. He runs towards the ring, slapping hands on his way, and leaps in through the ropes. Already with a mic in hand, he waits for the audience to quiet down, and begins to speak.

A.J: Wow, you my friends can be very loud.

The crowd begins to cheer again, So A.J Waits for silence again.

A.J: Anyways, if anyone here remembers, On my first night here I said that I would win gold here in RWE. And look what happened! At Jailbreak, I became the new Maximum security champion. Now I'm not going to stand out here and talk nonsense. Im going to get straight to the point. I'm a champion now, and as a champion, I need to defend this title. And if nobody minds, I would like to find out who the new number one contender is. So if anyone knows, please send them out here, So I can show them that if they wanna take this title, they will have to fight with every living part in their body. They need to learn, that if you mess with the bull, You get the horns!

A.J Drops the microphone and waits for a responce.

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