Saboatge (Part 1 the imposter) *29/11/10*

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Saboatge (Part 1 the imposter) *29/11/10* Empty Saboatge (Part 1 the imposter) *29/11/10*

Post  Jason McGee on Fri Nov 19, 2010 1:07 am

Sabotage Part 1

It was cold and moon less night Jason Mc Gee slowly walked up the stair’s enduring the pain of the cold.

Guard: Hi”

Jason McGee: “Good Afternoon”

Guard: “Wow some really bad weather we have

Jason McGee: “I agree, it must be the worst weather of the year”

Guard: “so if I could see your ID card I will just check it”

Jason McGee: “My ID Card?”

Guard: “Yes we have been having some security issues”

Jason McGee: “OK here you go”

Jason hands the ID to the guard

A wind rushed by as the guard checked his ID

Guard: Sir we already have a person called Jason McGee”

Jason McGee: “Yes I know that’s me”

Guard: “No I what I mean is that Jason McGee has already entered the stadium, sorry sir but your card is fake which is against the law for impersonating, I cant let you in”

Jason McGee: “WHAT!”
Jason McGee
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