Raul comes to the RIOT

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Raul comes to the RIOT Empty Re: Raul comes to the RIOT

Post  GM. Blackflame on Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:24 pm

good role play, but please look at the staff. Erin Vexton is to be used as GM in role plays. other then that thank you for role playing
GM. Blackflame
GM. Blackflame

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Raul comes to the RIOT Empty Raul comes to the RIOT

Post  rrr15 on Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:53 am

The chamber shows to Blackflame sat in his office when they call to the door.

Erin Vexton - Forward, happens.

¿? - In agreement.

Erin Vexton - Hello, your debits of being the new one that I have contracted

¿? - Yes, I am Raul.

Erin Vexton - In agreement Raul, already you know that you have to strain very much in this company if you want to progress.

Raul - It be a gentleman, because of it I am here. I have come here to beat records and to be the best fighter who has happened for The Zone Hardcore.

Erin Vexton - This is the spirit boy. I hope that you fulfill what you want. Certainly I am concentrating on you and see that you are very high and a fort, it can do that your rivals are thought before to strike yourself.

Raul - I know It, already it happened to me in other federations and for all that it happens they put a nickname that expresses what I am actually. There was calling me Raul The Monster.

Erin Vexton - does not surprise me. Good already I do not want to speak any more with you, you can go away and give a return for the enclosure.

Raul - Thank you very much and good-bye.

Erin Vexton - Good-bye.

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